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  Jeremy White & All Good Things Therapeutic Massage have moved!
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 We specialize in Therapeutic, Sports, and Deep Tissue Massage.

We offer Over 20 Modalities &
 a Combined 20 Years of Experience.  

Craig Vincent, LMT 076504 Owner/Massage Therapist
Katrina Vincent, LMT 076505 Owner/Massage Therapist
James Rucker, LMT 082233 Colleague/Massage Therapist

† Craig has 8 years of full-time, uninterrupted massage experience 
as Lead Massage Therapist for Florida and Iowa Massage Envys.

† Katrina is a former NFL massage therapist for
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers
and designed 2 full massage therapy college curricula.

† James was a student of Katrina's - now a protégé of The Vincents.
James currently specializes in therapeutics without discomfort.

319 - 200 - 2200


960 7th Avenue
Marion, IA 52302

(Across from Zoey's Pizzeria on SR-151)


Walk-ins are welcome.
Appointments are recommended.

Local Checks or Cash, preferred.

 We utilize Square Card Reader Services
at no additional charge.

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